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White Light Majesty

And Mother to Us All...

1 January
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Okami Amaterasu

To the eyes of those who do not have faith in the gods, Amaterasu appears to be nothing more than a white wolf. She's roughly the size of a small wolf or a large-ish husky, not a very big wolf, and seems very well-kept.

But for true believers, her true form is visible. Her magnificent fur glows white, with beautiful red markings swirling on her face, on her back, at her sides, et cetera. The red markings appear to be elaborate kabuki-like markings, though incorporating the swirl pattern, making it more elegant. At her shoulders, and as tuffs on her paws, she has longer lengths of fur that swirl and defy gravity, red streaks running through them as well. Her tail is likewise rather unique, her fur having the texture more of a paintbrush than of simple canine fur, and is coated in divine ink that she uses at will. At full power, massive tendrils of pure light - faith in the gods embodied in a solid form - envelop and protect her, giving her strength.

The sun goddess, fallen from heaven, killed in battle and revived once more, Amaterasu purged the land of Nippon of evil, destroying the embodiment of darkness itself... the power of faith in the gods, spread by her emissary Issun, restored her to her absolute fullest strength, and allowed her to destroy Yami once and for all before returning to the Celestial Plain, Takamagahara, to restore the heavens...

Her mission seemingly complete, Amaterasu certainly wasn't expecting someone to come to her and request her aid yet again. Mickey came to her while she was working on restoring Takamagahara, and was called upon by Mickey to leave her home for the academy. Waka, who remained behind, assured Amaterasu that he could clean up the Celestial Plain in her absence, and with that, Amaterasu followed Mickey.

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